Student exchange programs – Outgoing students

Exchange programs & Erasmus+ partners

To study abroad is to learn things differently. Going abroad for a semester or a year is about getting knowledge and skills that are equivalent, but not identical.

Student exchange programs are formal agreements Rubika has with other universities. Under these agreements, you can spend a period of time studying at a partner institution in another country. While you are on an exchange, you will continue to pay any required tuition fees here in Rubika, but do not pay any tuition fees to host institution.

You will still be liable for transportation costs and living expenses, although there may be grants available to help with this if you are on the Erasmus+ program (see next section).

Am I eligible?

You must maintain a 13,5 average prior to your exchange departure.
You must have completed a full year of studies at Rubika prior to going on exchange.

Selection criteria:

Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria: Academic performance, portfolio, motivation, language skills and the good match of the courses/program in the host university.

An internship abroad allows you to enhance your skills and gain professional experience in an international environment. Internships can be a compulsory part of your academic program, or you can also use the summers to gain some professional experience. Either way, you may be able to apply for some financial aid through Erasmus+ or other programs.

Internships abroad:

Remember that once you have an internship offer, you need to upload the data to the “extranet” so that a contract can be drawn. Once that done, you can continue with the scholarship application process.

Scholarships & financial aids

  • Erasmus+ Scholarship : Student mobility under the Erasmus program can be either a study exchange in an Erasmus+ partner country with a minimum required duration of 90 calendar days (13 weeks) or an internship (work placement) abroad with a minimum duration of 60 calendar days (9 weeks). The Erasmus scholarship can help you cover some of the costs of your stay abroad. Read the step by step application guidelines + download the application form.
  • Scholarship from the office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse –available for students doing an internship in Germany. More details here.
  • MERMOZ Scholarship: check out if you are elegible for this financial aid from the Hauts de France Region. Click here
  • The Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ)- offers interesting packages and support for students that have an internship in the Québec region.

International Exchange FAQ

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Academic partners

Rubika has established close bonds with some of the top Schools and Universities around the globe. Click here to know more about our partners and the different programs they offer.


1. Check out our academic partners.
2. Do so more research on the course offerings. You can use the link provided in the partners’ booklet to guide your information process. If you have any questions, the international relations office would be happy to help you.
3. Fill out the Pre-mobility form with your choice of school and a list of the courses that you are interested in.
4. Submit the form, as well as a letter of motivation and language certificate to the international relations office before the deadline:

  • For For mobility programs in the Semester 1: end of March
  • For mobility programs in the Semester 2 (february – june) > 5 Oct.

5. Successful candidates will be approached with information regarding the following steps of the process.

Language support

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Student experiences – Testimonies

Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Astrid BONFANTE – ISD Rubika student: Here
Annabelle VANDERKELEN – ISD Rubika student: Here
Matthieu LANTERNAT – ISD Rubika student: Here

Tecnológico de Monterrey, ITESM (Mexique)

Pascal GRANGIER and Julien LANOY – ISD Rubika students: Here

Trident (Nagoya, Japan)

Marine BOUDRY – Supinfocom Rubika, summer internship: Here

National University of Singapore (NUS, Singapore)

Constance TEXIER (ISD Rubika) spent one year in Singapore. Find out more about her experience.

Università degli studi di Genova, Campus of La Spezia (Italy)

Augustin MICHAUD – ISD Rubika student: Here


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