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Admissions to the Animation entrance exam Year 1 to 3 are open to students who are in their final year of high school or who hold a high school diploma.

We are pleased to announce that admissions for Year 1 of our 3D Animation’s program are still open. There are still 5 spots available!

The first step is to fill out the form below. Once the form is filled out and your portfolio is shared, we will arrange an interview with the academic director of the program. Following this interview, we may request one or two written assessments to confirm certain skills.

If your application is accepted, you will have to fill in your registration form within the time limit announced in the email (about two weeks), otherwise your place will be offered to a candidate placed on the waiting list.

To answer all your questions, we are available for a 15-minute discussion. Feel free to schedule an appointment online here : Scheduled a meeting here

To learn more about the program: Visit the dedicated page for our International 3D Animation program.




How can I best prepare for the entrance exam?

Draw every day: you can easily produce one drawing a day … Creative or observational, it doesn’t matter but draw!

Cultivate yourself: watch films, news reports, read books, etc. This will feed your imagination and creativity!

Find out about the professions and techniques related to the field you want to work in!

Are the exam assignments from previous years available?

No, unfortunately they aren’t. However, here is a selection of books that will help you to better prepare for the exam:

  • Michael Hampton – Figure drawing
  • Terryl Whitlatch – Animals, Real and imagined
  • Scott Robertson – How to draw sketches and environments
  • Richard Williams – The Animator’s survival kit
  • Stephen Silver – The Silver way – Techniques, Tips and Tutorials

You can also visit these websites:

What are the expectations for the portfolio?
There is no particular form expected for the portfolio but a great expectation on the variety, the quantity and the quality of the works presented (anatomical drawings, observational drawings, perspectives, character designs, sets, …), possibly a sketchbook and other digital creations, in 2D, 3D or other techniques. In the case of very rich content, it is advisable to make a pre-selection to be sure to show the work most representative of the level already acquired. The remaining work will be made available to the examiner for consultation during the motivational interview.
Is an English proficiency language certificate required?

Although an official certificate is not required, you must have a good level of English (B2 – C2) that will be tested through the different tests.

How many students are accepted?

24 students in the 1st year of 3D Animation International class.

How many people take the entrance exam?

Approximately 800 candidates take the exam, all programs combined.

Can I take the same exam more than once?

A candidate who has failed the exam may retake it the following year.

What are the conditions for reimbursement?
You have a legal period of 14 days from the date of your payment to change your mind about your purchase. To exercise your right of withdrawal, please contact RUBIKA at




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