Unlock Your 3D Animation Potential this summer !

Join us for an immersive two-week experience designed to delve into the fundamentals of skills related to the field of 3D animation, its methodology, and industry standards. Gain insights into the various roles and competencies required to become a 3D film animator while understanding the potential of this dynamic profession.

  • Hands-On Learning: Engage in hands-on activities including sculpture on gray Clay, academic drawing, and perspective exploration.
  • Professional Guidance: Receive guidance from industry-leading professionals actively working in the field of 3D animation.
  • Introduction to Animation Standards: Get initiated into the standards of animation, laying the groundwork for your journey into this exciting field.
  • Discover Supinfocom RUBIKA: Gain an insider’s perspective into the demands and standards of Supinfocom RUBIKA, one of the most esteemed 3D animation schools worldwide.
  • Enhance Your Skills: Whether you’re aspiring to enter an animation school or simply looking to refine your personal skillset, this camp offers the perfect platform to improve your capabilities.

Week 1

Modeling techniques

During the initial five days of our program, we focus on initiating and refining techniques in sculpting with gray clay, along with acquiring essential tools for 3D animation to enhance understanding of volumes. This week is designed to allow participants to master the foundational skills necessary for three-dimensional creation. Additionally, we delve into modeling an existing animated film character, where precise interpretation of volume will be key. These five days form a solid foundation for developing advanced skills in sculpting and 3D animation.


As part of your French experience, we also organize a visit to one of the most beautiful champagne cellars in Reims during one weekend. This excursion provides a delightful opportunity to explore the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of the region, adding a touch of luxury and cultural immersion to your journey.

Week 2


In the second week, dedicated to drawing, we focus on essential skills vital in animation careers: observational drawing, character design, and perspective. These skills are paramount in illustrating ideas, concepts, and characters effectively. Through structured courses, participants will refine their abilities to capture detail, convey emotions, and create immersive visual narratives. This week aims to equip individuals with the artistic proficiency crucial for success in the animation industry.

2 weeks session

From July 15th to Friday, July 26th, 2024

Number of participants

20 participants


You need to have more than 18 years old

All-Inclusive Package

Courses + Accommodation  + Breakfast + 1 Exclusive Experience at Reims to discover Champagne

Registration Deadline: June 2nd.  

Your Teachers

Professional Sculptor

Éric Vanel

Professional Illustrator

Dario Balletta


Coordinatrice des Summer Camp

Petra Berber

 03 61 10 12 24

 Email Petra

For China 🇨🇳

Clara Hu

+86 21 6878 3138

 Email Clara