International Full-time applicants

Rubika offers 5-year programs in the fields of Design, Animation or Game. For details on the different academic offerings, please go to our homepage (in French).

You can take part of the Rubika experience either as a full-time student or as an exchange student.

Coming to Rubika as a full time student either for your Bachelor or Experts (or both!) offers a great opportunity to study in a worldwide renowned School. Each year, Rubika is awarded with a number of international student prizes in game, animation and design.

If you would like to be a full-time student in our Valenciennes campus in France, you can apply online here.

We have entries each year in September, either for the Bachelor (years 1-3) or Experts’ level (years 4 and 5). If you are unable to come to France in the given dates of the exams, we can arrange a session in your own city.

Admission requirements

  • Be passionate about design, animation or game.
  • Hold a successful French BAC exam or an equivalent level that would lead to undergraduate studies.
  • Present a portfolio, and do your best at the motivation interview that will take place during the exam day.
  • Read more about the admission process.

If your application is successful, then you will be contacted by admissions and go through the registration as a full-time student. Please note that you would need a visa to study in France, and that our main teaching language is French, and a B2 level (European framework) is required. Also note that a diploma is only awarded at the end of the 5 years studies.

Financial aid & scholarships for foreign students

  • Scholarship « Bourse d’Excellence Major », for international students from Lycées Francais all over the world.
  • Scholarship « Bourse Eiffel », another scholarship for the best foreign students. Applications must be submitted by Rubika to Campus France. Rubika will then commit to include them in the training they asked if they are granted the Eiffel scholarship. Applications from students currently studying abroad have priority over those living in France.
  • Scholarships from other countries. Some countries grant scholarships to undertake studies abroad. You can ask the Ministry of Education in your home country or to the agency in charge of scholarships.
  • Scholarships from the French Government.

Course choice

Course choice is quite fixed in Rubika, and you are expected to take all courses of your year/semester, which would account for 60 or 30 ECTS respectively.

Grades, European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Rubika measures student workload with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The system is used across Europe for credit transfer (student mobility) and credit accumulation (learning paths towards a degree). It also informs curriculum design and quality assurance.

The ECTS credits reflect the quantity of work each course requires in relation to the total quantity of work required to complete a full year of academic study:

  • 60 credits represent one year of study.
  • 30 credits are normally given for six months (one semester of study).

Living in Valenciennes

Rubika does not offer in-campus accommodation. Nevertheless you can contact our international student advisor to directly  book a place in a private student residence nearby. In case you you would like to find a place on your own, we have gathered together a non-comprehensive list of available options.

Entrance and residency procedures

Students from EU/EEA or Switzerland will not need a student visa. You will only need a valid passport or travel ID document.

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss students will have to apply for a student or residence visa. With one exception, the new VLS-TS visa applies to all international students wishing to enroll in a French institution of higher education. The exception is Algerian nationals, who are subject to other provisions. Foreign students should consult on the website of the French Ministry of foreign and European affairs – website available in French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic and Chinese).


International Relations Office

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Campus Pune (India)
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