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A couple of years ago, the Times magazine published an article* on how studying or working abroad makes you a more creative, flexible and complex thinker (Paul, 2014).

All three fields of Rubika, Design, Animation and Game, are becoming ever more global, and a study / work experience in another country can bring endless benefits to your personal and professional development. If you are either a Rubika student wishing to go abroad, or an international student wishing to have an experience in our French campus, read on and begin preparing your journey!

* Paul, A.M. (2014) How studying or working abroad makes you smarter. Available at: (Accessed: 1 June 2016).

Our international strategies: download here
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International Full-time

Coming to Rubika as a full-time students offers a great opportunity to study in a worldwide renowned School, with students that are awarded each year a number of international prizes.

Exchange programs
Incoming students

Spending a semester or a year in Rubika is a rich and fulfilling experience. It is also an opportunity to learn, grow and experience design, animation or game in a top french school.

Study-abroad programs
and internships

Taking part in an international program during your studies may be one of the most beneficial experiences. Other cultures, other ways of thinking and learning can help you grow personally and professionally.

International Summer Programs @Rubika

Experience Design, Animation or video game à la francaise joining Rubika for specialised courses in Summer 2017.

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